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Library and Learning Services


In this section you can find information customised for each of the different groups of people who use the library.


How the Library can support you.

Distance Learners

Services and facilities to support students on designated distance learning courses.


How the Library can help if you are not a member of the University.

Disabled users

Library support if you have a disability, specific learning difference such as dyslexia or medical condition that affects your ability to study.


Library support for researchers.

Students and staff at Associate Colleges

Associate and Linked College students and staff with DMU ID cards have full access to services and facilities at all DMU libraries with the exception of British Library inter-library loans.

Members of staff

How the Library supports members of staff in your teaching and research.

International Students

Help and resources for students whose first language is not English.

Students and staff at international partner colleges

De Montfort University has partnership arrangements with universities and colleges in a number of countries. Staff teaching or supporting De Montfort University courses, and all students registered for a De Montfort University course have access to university library resources.