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Off-air recordings.

Off-air recording information.

The Library provides a service to make available off-air recordings either for addition to library stock, OR for use by academic staff in faculties in support of teaching. Recordings can only be made of programmes covered either by licence or by the Copyright, Design and Patents Act.

To make a request for an off-air recording complete this form and submit. The request details will be emailed to Library Staff and processed in due course. Please give as much notice as possible to ensure that the recording has been registered as required. The minimum requirement is 24 hours before the programme is due to be aired.

If the recording is an Open University programme, there is a transactional charge which the University has to pay (an average of c. £10 per programme). Where recordings are requested for retention by faculties, we propose to charge these costs back to the faculty. Items requested for addition to library stock will be paid for, as now, from the library budget. Non OU recordings are covered by the blanket licence paid centrally by the Library.

The default formats for recordings are DVD and versions (of different quality) that can be streamed.

Staff will need to indicate if the recording is for use in lectures only or whether it is required to be borrowed by students or both. Recordings to be used and retained by faculties will be available within a short period of time whereas those that are required to be added to library stock for loan will take longer due to the need to fully process them and make searchable on the library catalogue.

You can make a request by going to

You can find the FAQ here: