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Library and Learning Services

Other library provision.

Photocopying, library publications, help with finding and lifting material, quiet study, access for personal assistants and more.


Self-service photocopiers are available in all libraries. You can use the copiers to enlarge text to double the size (A4 to A3). Coloured paper is available on request. To claim the cost of copying back via the DSA (Disabled Students' Allowance) obtain a receipt when paying for photocopying.

If you experience regular difficulties photocopying please contact your disability contact.

Library publications

We produce a number of library leaflets, guides and other publications. You can access many of these on-line from the "Support" section of the Library web pages. If you require a publication in an alternative format ask your disability contact.

Finding and lifting material

Ask any member of library staff for help finding, reaching and carrying material. If you find you need help regularly discuss this with your disability contact.

Quiet study

Evenings and weekends are quieter times to visit the library but be aware that there are fewer staff available at these times too. There are silent study areas, located as follows:

  • on the Second Floor and part of the Lower Ground Floor of the Kimberlin Library. There are also two private study rooms on the Lower Ground Floor which can be booked through the Support Office;
  • the Law Library is quiet throughout.

Access for Support workers

If you have a Support worker, Disability Advice and Support (DAS) will make the arrangements for them to have an ID card which will give them non-borrowing access rights for our Libraries.

Library inductions and information skills sessions

We aim to be inclusive but if you have any specific needs which you feel are not being met alert the member of staff running the session or your disability contact.