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Library and Learning Services

Disabled Users Policy.

Our commitment to disabled library users.

The Directorate of Library and Learning Services is committed to making services and resources accessible to all its users and to the creation of a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

To further this aim the Department will:

  • Anticipate the needs of disabled users as far as possible and, where necessary, make reasonable adjustments to existing service provision, appropriate to the needs of individuals;
  • Wherever possible make alternative arrangements to ensure equivalency if a service or resource proves inaccessible;
  • Provide an identified contact in each library with whom disabled users can discuss their particular requirements;
  • Offer a range of additional services to include extended loans, individual library inductions/tours and access to specialist software and equipment;
  • Provide a physical environment which meets the needs of all users in respect of access to and movement around our libraries, health and safety, emergency evacuation and the general use of accommodation and study facilities;
  • Make printed information about library services available in alternative formats upon request, and ensure web based information takes account of accessibility requirements;
  • Encourage publishers and electronic service providers with whom we work to ensure their materials and resources can be readily accessed by disabled users, including those using assistive technologies;
  • Incorporate inclusive learning and teaching practices into the induction and information skills sessions delivered by library staff, following university guidance;
  • Respect the confidentiality of disabled users;
  • Publicise the services available for disabled users;
  • Offer training and awareness raising to all library staff to enable them to respond appropriately and with confidence to disabled individuals;
  • Seek the views of disabled users in reviewing and developing library services.

The Directorate of Library and Learning Services will discharge its responsibilities in line with De Montfort University's admission policy for students with disabilities, the provisions of the Equality Act 2010 and relevant codes of practice. It will work closely with other parts of DMU including the Disability Advice and Support (DAS), the Estates Department and Faculty Disability Co-ordinators in supporting disabled students, and with others outside the organisation as appropriate.