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Focus on materials.

The 'Focus on' series is back with revised and updated materials to help you succeed in your studies.

Focus on Essay Writing (PDF)

8 pages. Essay writing is a process and a product. You need to focus on the process in order to achieve a high quality product.

Focus on Exams and Revision (PDF)

8 pages. Preparation is the key to success in your exams.

Focus on Group Work (PDF)

8 pages. Become a successful group worker.

Focus on Listening (PDF)

2 pages. Develop your listening skills

Focus on Notemaking (PDF)

4 pages. There are no rules for making notes. However, during your course you will spend a great deal of time and effort taking notes. Why are you taking notes? How do you select what to note and how can you make your note taking more effective?

Focus on Reading Strategies (PDF)

7 pages. Don’t be put off by difficult text, learn how to deal with it.

Focus on Report Writing (PDF)

4 pages. A report is the writeup of an investigation.

Focus on Time Management (PDF)

4 pages. Most people find it necessary to pace themselves through the semester, to make sure that nothing important gets forgotten or rushed.

Focus on Verbal Presentations (PDF)

8 pages. You may be asked to give presentations in a variety ofsituations. Make detailed preparation, starting in good time.

Focus on Writing (PDF)

8 pages. Colons, full stops and sentence construction are all covered in this Focus On guide.