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Time planning your approach to your assignment.

HEAT Stage 1: Understanding the assignment and getting started.

1.5 Time planning your approach to the assignment


There is no guide to how long an assignment will take you to complete. However, managing your actions and your time well will contribute towards your success. Your target dates are likely to change as you begin to work on your assignment. Be 'SMART' with the tasks you set yourself: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Related.

Jobs to do Specific jobs Target date Achieved × or √ Revised dates Notes
Understand the task eg., read through assignment task, produce a 'mind map' of initial approach to the assignment.
Collect and record initial information
Plan your approach
Do supplementary reading
Produce first draft
Review first draft
Produce final draft
Submit your assignment hand in date hand in date
Collect your marked assignment
Make the most of feedback


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