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Higher Education Assignment Toolkit.

These resources will help you to prepare an assignment that meets the requirements of higher level study. We designed them to suit different approaches to learning so you’re sure to find something here that will interest you. Fire up your assignments with HEAT!

HEAT Stage 1: Understanding the assignment and getting started

Understanding the essay or report question, what is expected of you, and developing these ideas into an organised structure.

HEAT Stage 2: Finding and managing information

Plan your search for books, journals and other materials, evaluate the information you find and choose the most appropriate sources for your assignment.

HEAT Stage 3: Making reading more manageable

Reading efficiently is an important academic skill – understanding, taking notes, finding quotations, and recording your thoughts all help towards your essay structure.

HEAT Stage 4: Planning the structure of your assignment

There is a tricky stepping stone between understanding (organisation in your mind) and writing (organisation on paper). If you are clear about the structure of your assignment, the task of writing will become far easier.

HEAT Stage 5: Writing your assignment

What makes an effective introduction, and conclusion? How do you develop your argument into paragraphs and support it with evidence and analysis or criticism? How to write in an academic style?

HEAT Stage 6: Drafting, editing and proofreading

It’s difficult to write accurately whilst you are thinking. So, when you have constructed paragraphs of your essay, check to see whether they still make sense – and are still structured, accurate, logical and academic. This is the final polish before hand-in.

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