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Writing quiz.

Improve your writing skills with our online tool which tests your understanding of grammar, punctuation and style.


The DMU Writing Quiz provides you with a good starting point to identify the key areas where you may need to develop your writing further.


This section enables you to focus on grammar awareness. By using the term 'grammar' we mean the placing of words in a certain order, with the correct endings, and linked together in a way that makes grammatical sense.

Which words?

Some words sound the same even though they have different spellings and different meanings. For example, think of the words 'accept' and 'except'.


Punctuation marks are like signposts; they guide us through language - reminding us when to pause and when to stop, and are essential for clear and effective communication.


Style refers to the way we select and arrange words to convey meaning. Academic writing requires a very specific style; this is mostly formal, impersonal, objective, concise and precise. It is important to remember that a well-written piece of academic work is not wordy and complex but a good balance of clear, well-constructed sentences and an appropriate tone.