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Referencing - Points to note.

In order to reference correctly do ensure that you use an appropriate guide which matches the reference style and rules you are required to make use of by your lecturer.

It is also worth bearing in mind the following points:

  • Give yourself enough time to compile your reference list so that you do not make any errors
  • Consider compiling your reference list and bibliography as you go rather than leaving it until last
  • Remember that references must be sufficiently detailed to trace back ideas
  • Full details should appear at the end of your piece of work
  • Sufficient information is needed within the text to trace the reference
    • In Harvard, this is always author, date
    • A page number is also needed if quoting directly or using an image
  • Check library catalogues to verify bibliographic details of books or use the title page and verso (page following the title page)
  • Be consistent with your punctuation and capitalisation
  • Keep a record of the details of all the references you refer to/read during your research
  • Reference all items you directly quote from or paraphrase
  • If there is no date use n.d. e.g. SMITH, A. (n.d.)... (although consider whether the source is reliable enough to use)
  • If there is no personal author, look for an organisation. If there is no author use ANONYMOUS (although consider whether the source is reliable enough to use)
  • If you are unable to remember where you found the information, you should not use it