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Plagiarism and bad academic practice.

How the De Montfort University's Academic Regulations describe plagiarism.

De Montfort University's Academic Regulations describe plagiarism as:

"the significant use of other people's work and the submission of it as though it were one's own in assessed coursework (such as dissertations, essays, experiments etc).

This includes:

  • Copying from another student's work
  • Copying text from sources such as books or journals without acknowledgement
  • Downloading information and/or text from the Internet and using it without acknowledgement
  • Submitting work which you claim to be your own when it has been produced by a group
  • Submitting group work without acknowledging all contributors.

De Montfort University describes bad academic practice as:

  • Low level duplication without citation for example errors made through carelessness or misunderstanding or
  • Passing off ideas, data or other information as if originally discovered by the student.

De Montfort University has access to Turnitin's plagiarism prevention system which can instantly identify papers containing unoriginal material. Students are required to submit assignments through Turnitin which will assign a plagiarism score. More information on Turnitin is available from your course tutor.