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Develop your referencing skills with this tutorial.

An introduction to referencing

Why bother with referencing properly?

What should be referenced?

You must acknowledge and credit the work of another individual or organisation used within your assignments.

Plagiarism and bad academic practice

How the De Montfort University's Academic Regulations describe plagiarism.

Referencing in the text

In the Harvard system, to link the information you refer to in your text to its source (book, article, website etc.) in the reference list, you need to put the author's name and the year of publication at the appropriate point in your text.

Reference list/bibliography

In the Harvard system, you should usually provide a full bibliography at the end of your work, which incorporates both the works you have cited in the text, and others you have read and not cited.

Compiling your bibliography - test your knowledge

Test you bibliography building skills.

Referencing - Points to note

In order to reference correctly do ensure that you use an appropriate guide which matches the reference style and rules you are required to make use of by your lecturer.

Other referencing systems

Do you need to learn about other systems of referencing? Try the following guides.

Further resources on referencing

Books, tutorials and guides.

Further help

If you need further help in compiling your bibliography or reference list please contact your subject librarian.