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Deposit your research into DORA.

How DMU researchers can submit their research outputs on to DORA.

What should I deposit on to DORA?

All research outputs and publications produced by academics and researchers at De Montfort University should be recorded on DORA. Where possible a full text copy of the research should also be submitted.

All journal articles, books and book chapters should be submitted. Each faculty have their own guidelines about what other types of research output should be submitted to DORA.

How do I submit an item on to DORA?

Each faculty has its own procedures for depositing records on to DORA. Some faculties and departments deposit items on behalf of their researchers; others expect researchers to deposit their own items.

Please contact your faculty research administrator to find out your faculty’s policy.

The process of submitting an item is simple and straight forward.

Logging on to DORA.

First of all you have to log on to DORA.
DORA accounts have been automatically created for most academic staff members.
To log on, use your university username and password. If you are unable to log on please contact the DORA team at: or on telephone ext. 6391.

Completing the submission form

After you have logged in, click on the “submissions” link in the My Account box.

You then need to select the link to the department under which your items should be listed. This will then take you to the submission form. If you worked on the research with members of another faculty or department, add these details to the description field on the third submission page.

Fill in as many of the fields as you can. The only fields that are compulsory are the author, title, citation and date fields. The completed form will be forwarded to the DORA team for checking before it is made live. You will receive an email once the item is live.

If you need to change or edit an item once it has been submitted you will need to contact the DORA team

Full text items

If possible please upload a copy of the research at the end of the form.

Different publishers have different rules about using their full text of articles in repositories.

  • Articles: Most publishers will not allow their final published version to be used in an institutional repository. Most publishers will allow the author’s final peer reviewed version to be displayed on a repository. This is the final version submitted to the publisher without any of the journals formatting and typesetting. This is the version we ask you to submit. If a publisher allows some other version of the research we will contact the author to ask for this.
  • Books/Book Chapters: Most publishers will not allow any version of an author’s book or book chapter to be displayed on an institutional Repository. If a book’s publisher will allow a version of full text to be displayed then we will contact the author for the appropriate version.

Conference papers can normally be deposited as the author still holds the copyright. For other types of output we may need to contact the publisher directly.

The DORA team will check the copyright compliance of all the full text items before they are made live. If it is not clear that a publisher allows a full text version to be included in a repository, then the file will be removed before the before the record is made live.

Publisher’s policies toward repositories can be found from the: Sherpa Romeo web site

Deposit FAQ’s.

  1. Cross faculty projects (where do they go?).
    Cross faculty and department research will be mapped to all the different departments involved. This will means that there will only be one record of each item of research. That record will then appear in all the collaborating departments.
  2. Large media files. Can there be links to external servers?
    There can be links to external servers, but we will need to be informed if the items are moved and the links broken.
  3. What items should be added?
    All research outputs and publications need to be added. Any items that would be included in annual publication audits should be added. DORA will be DMU’s publication database so will need to include a record of all publications from staff. This will mean that the DORA metadata can then be used to create publication lists for faculties, departments and individuals.
    DORA will be used to collect the submissions to the REF. Only research with records on DORA can be submitted for the REF.
  4. Is there material the university recommends not submitting? Who will monitor quality?
    If DORA is to be used as the university publications database then all research outputs need to be submitted and recorded. Items that are selected for the REF can then be selected and tagged. If there are any items that you don’t want DORA to display then you can get in touch with the DORA team. Even if you do not want to display a full text version of your item you should still have a metadata record recording it.
  5. Whose items need to be included?
    All academic members of staff at DMU who have produced research or publications, should deposit them on to DORA.
  6. Who updates the database when publication details change?
    The format of an item should make no difference. If the same item appears in another publication then a new record will be added.
  7. Does the system have sufficient capacity to store and preserve the items?
    The system has more than enough capacity and backup facilities are in place. There are currently 393 GB of space. This can be easily increased.
  8. Who is responsible for outputs with multiple authors and different departments?
    Most research will have a Principal Investigator / lead researcher. The lead researcher can add the item to DORA and inform the DORA team of the other faculties and departments involved. The item can then be mapped to the other faculties or departments. All items are checked for duplication before they are made live.
  9. Which keywords do we need to use to ensure consistency?
    It will be up to the depositor which keywords are used. Research groups are recorded in a separate field. The keywords relate to the item and will be words that describe the item’s content. The DORA team will enhance the records by adding Library of Congress subject headings.
  10. How do we ensure accuracy of data supplied by academic staff?
    All submissions to DORA will be checked by the DORA team before they are made live on DORA. The submissions will be checked to confirm their accuracy and any missing information will be added.
  11. Are copies of submitted items to be kept in faculties?
    There is no need for faculties to keep copies of the submissions.
  12. Will DORA support information gathering for the REF?
    At the moment we don’t know what information the REF will require, but DORA will be able to supply some of the information required. This information can be supplied directly for the REF or into other systems for processing.