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DORA Reporting Tool.

The DORA reporting tool can be used to generate lists of the recorded outputs on DORA.

Output lists can be generated by faculty, department, and research group or by author name. The lists can be limited by output type and/or by date.

Only those who can log on to DORA will be able to access the DORA reporting tool.

How to use the DORA Reporting Tool

  1. To access the reporting tool you will first need to logon to the DMU library website.
    The username and password are the same as those you use to log on to DORA. If you able to log on to DORA then you should be able to access the reporting tool.
  2. Once you have logged on to the library website, a MyLibrary tab will appear in the horizontal blue menu bar. Select this tab.
  3. Select DORA Reports from the left hand side of the page.
  4. You are now in the reporting tool and can select which report you want to run. Select the report you wish to run from the top box. If want to limit the results to a particular output type or time period select these from the second box. Click on the Generate button and your report will be run.
  5. Once you have run the report you then need to select how you want the report to be presented. You can choose between; a CSV file, a pdf or displaying the results in your web browser. Once you have selected this your report will be displayed.
  6. The report will list the output records by publication date. You will of course be able to sort the records by whichever field you want if you select to have the list generated as a CSV file.