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Library and Learning Services

Learning and Study Support.

We support undergraduate, postgraduate and research students, who are studying full-time, part-time and by distance learning.

We also work with staff to ensure that support for students meets the demands of their programme of study.

Find out more on what we offer to students and staff:

Centre for Learning and Study Support (CLaSS)

CLaSS offers you a range of provision aimed at enhancing your academic practice, writing development and professional skills.

Maths Learning Centre

Helping students develop as independent learners by strengthening their maths and statistics understanding.

The Library Disability Team

You can talk to a member of the Library Disability Team, in confidence, about your particular needs. The team can arrange personalised inductions, set up extended loans, assist in using specialist software and equipment, and advise on effective use of library services. You can contact the Library Disability Team by email at or in person at the Kimberlin Library.


Contact your librarians with any subject related enquiries or to arrange a face-to-face or telephone appointment.

Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology

Get support with developing your digital capabilities and using the technologies to support you with your studies e.g. Blackboard, Turnitin and DMU Replay etc. Also get access to student IT induction resources and find out about more about workshops available to you.

Writing quiz

Improve your writing skills with our online tool which tests your understanding of grammar, punctuation and style.