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Vision Statement.

De Montfort University Open Research Archive (DORA).

"Institutional repositories... provide a compelling response to two strategic issues facing academic institutions. Such repositories:

  • Provide a critical component in reforming the system of scholarly communication - a component that expands access to research, reasserts control over scholarship by the academy, increases competition and reduces the monopoly power of journals, and brings economic relief and heightened relevance to the institutions and libraries that support them; and
  • Have the potential to serve as tangible indicators of a university's quality and to demonstrate the scientific, societal, and economic relevance of its research activities, thus increasing the institution's visibility, status, and public value."

*SPARC: The Case for Institutional Repositories: A SPARC Position Paper.

The potential benefits of an electronic print archive for De Montfort University include the following:

  • Visibility: More users will read work written at De Montfort as it will be openly accessible on the web;
  • Impact: More users will build on that work and cite publications of De Montfort staff;
  • Preservation: Some or all of your publications will be stored in a central archive with properly managed backups, and URLs which can be maintained for far longer and with less difficulty than those on personal home pages;
  • Searching: Potential users everywhere will be able to find and use your work much more effectively;
  • Integration: Researchers and administrators at De Montfort as well as external users will be able to find, use and track your research and other written output much more effectively;
  • Automating Administrative Data and Analysis: A publication database assists the compilation and analysis of research and publication output for funding and assessment exercises such as the Research Assessment Exercise;
  • Author Publications Lists: Generating lists of publications for biographies, curricula vitae or staff information web pages;
  • Sub-Group Publications Lists: Generating lists of all the publications of a single sub-group or project;
  • Citation Linking: Linking the references in a publication (to the cited full texts, where possible).

De Montfort University institutional repository, DORA, is at:

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