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DOI numbers .

Find an article where you have only a DOI (Document Object Identifier).

Journals and web sites frequently use a DOI (Document Object identifier) in a citation, but these links do not always take you to the copy available to you as a member of De Montfort University. By using the form on this page, or by setting the 'cookie' in your browser you can connect to the 'Find it @ DMU' service and get to the electronic text, if available, with much less hassle.

DOI URL Creator
e.g. 10.1002/hep.20441

More on DOI numbers.

DMU's DOI cookie

Set this cookie on your computer and you will find DOI references being directed on to the 'Find it @ DMU' menu. The cookie expires after 3 days.

DOI System

How the Digital Object Identifier system works to identify objects in a digital environment. Electronic journal articles are just one example.

Crossref free DOI lookup

You can search for the DOI number if you have even the most basic citation details.

Paste a citation and find the DOI

This form allows you to retrieve Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for journal articles, books, and chapters by simply cutting and pasting the reference list into the box below. You may use the form with any reference style, although the tool works most reliably if references are formatted in a standard style.