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Library and Learning Services

Our responses to your feedback.

Your feedback helps us to improve our services. Here is a sample of recent comments received and our response.

Computers take too long to logon. Received October 2012.
We apologise for the delays experienced. As a result of your comment (and similar from other users) technical staff from ITMS have investigated the problem. We believe that login times are now back to expected parameters – around two minutes from cold switch-on to usable desktop, less if the machine is already at the login prompt.
New printers hard to work. Staff helpful but not trained on new equipment. Received September 2012. Not able to print using my student ID card. Received September 2012. No print credit machine in Law Library. Received October 2012.
The university is introducing a vastly improved integrated print and photocopying system. Ultimately, this should be much easier to use and more robust. However, the tight timescale on delivery meant that not all facilities and support were in place for the start of term. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and can assure you that we and colleagues in ITMS are working hard to ensure the system operates effectively. Additional print credit kiosks are being added and an online payments option is soon to be introduced. The library web pages provide guidance on accessing and using our IT facilities and on how to obtain help when needed. Staff will be receiving additional training on the use of the new equipment.
I’d just like to comment on the loveliness of the new display cabinets in the wooden staircase. They look interesting, colourful and fun. Great job! The Bard himself would be proud. Feedback received October 2012.
We are pleased you like what we are doing! We have a programme of regular, diverse and exciting displays around the Kimberlin. These are designed to showcase our collections and highlight the work we do to support students. Look out for upcoming displays on improving your grades, Black History Season, the quality of Leicester and punk.
Library opening hours change over summer, not fair on Nursing students. Received July 2012. Longer opening of Greenhouse. Received October 2011.
We do not have the resources, nor do we think there would be sufficient demand, to keep our spaces open 24/7, 265 days a year. We have however made a number of enhancements to our opening times: Kimberlin opens over the summer vacation until 9.30pm four weekday evenings; we provide extended opening over the Christmas and Easter vacations and at Bank Holidays, including when other parts of the campus are closed; from the start of the 2012/13 academic year the Greenhouse will be open 9am-10pm during (previously 10am-6pm). We will continue to keep our opening hours under review.
First time I've had to contact Just Ask and I think the service is really good. Feedback from distance learning student June 2012.
We appreciate positive feedback on our services. JustAsk is our electronic enquiry service which allows users to ask questions from wherever they have internet access. This is useful particularly for distance learners and others who study off-campus. We aim to provide an answer within 24 hours, when the library is open.
Wi-fi signal hit and miss. Received May 2012. Tried to work in library on laptop, but no internet connection. Received January 2012.
We undertook a thorough review of wi-fi coverage early in 2012, one of the conclusions of which was that comprehensive coverage of all areas of Kimberlin Library was not possible. While open study areas are all covered, the nature of book stacks in particular creates screening issues for wi-fi signals. This means that in some areas (particularly the tucked away study tables around the periphery of the quiet and silent areas on the first and second floors) it isn’t possible to provide a clear signal. A wi-fi box also serves the area outside Kimberlin and Eric Wood so students can make use of the grass to study with the “library on the lawn”. Library users experiencing issues connecting to the internet are encouraged raise these with the IT staff on the First Floor of the Kimberlin.
The library is freezing all the time. Received December 2011.
Issues with air handling and temperature management within Kimberlin, a large, open plan building, are well known. The Estates Maintenance team work hard to keep the various systems that control the temperature operational. On the back of a consultant’s report, the university’s ultimate aim is to replace a large proportion of the air handling equipment that serves Kimberlin at a cost of some £0.5M. In the short term, additional environmental monitoring systems have been added throughout the library to assist in the maintenance of even and sufficient temperatures.
More quiet study areas for researchers. Library Survey 2010.
On 3rd October 2011 we opened a new, 30-seat area on the Lower Ground Floor of the Kimberlin Library, for exclusive use by research students.