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Library and Learning Services


A-Z list of Library publications (handouts, advice notes, subject guides, etc.).

Access to DMU Libraries [Library Essentials for students]

DMU Libraries guide for staff at Partner Colleges.

Annual Report 2006-2007 [Reports]

The major focus for 2006/7 was inevitably the Learning Zone development in the Kimberlin Library and its related activities, including the implementation of RFID technology and a review of our front of house service model.

Annual Report 2007-2008 [Reports]

After the major building works and technological developments of 2006-7, this year has been one of consolidation for many areas of the service. 2007-8 was the first full year of operation of the Learning Zone, and it has proved to be the tremendous success we had hoped.

Annual Report 2008-2009 [Reports]

After a period of consolidation in 2007-8, this year has once again seen a number of new developments in the Library.

Creating Charts in Excel 2007 [IT Help]

Using the Microsoft Excel 2007 chart creation system you can quickly produce professional looking charts. This help sheet describes how to create and modify a simple 3-D Column bar chart and Pie chart. It is good practice to create the charts described in this document and try modifying them before applying the techniques you learn to your own data.

Creating tables in Word [IT Help]

This guide aims to help you to produce tabulated forms of information in your assignment and dissertation documents. Tables can be created to represent results from experiments, questionnaires or timetables.

Harvard system of referencing [Study guides]

Advice and examples on how to correctly cite your sources.

How to Burn Files to a CD or DVD on a MAC Computer [IT Help]

This guide will explain how to burn files to a CD on a MAC computer and have the CD remain in a state where files can be burnt to it again on future occasions until the CD is full. This is known as Multi Session CD Burning. The instructions also apply to burning to a DVD disc, though Multi Session burning is not available when burning to DVDs.

How to Store and Retrieve Your Internet Favourites [IT Help]

Your Internet favourites are stored in a file named bookmark.htm. Internet favourites in this file cannot be stored locally. They will be deleted after you log out. You must store them in your Document Directory (Pnumber folder) by exporting the bookmark.htm file, and then importing it when you next use the Internet.

How to Undertake a Literature Search and Review: for dissertations and final year projects [How to guides]

If you are undertaking research for a project or dissertation, you will find that you will need to do a literature review, based on the findings of your literature search. This guide is mainly about the literature search process, but there are also some suggestions on how you might structure your literature review.

Inserting Pictures into Word 2007 Documents [IT Help]

This guide aims to show you how to insert an image into your dissertation or assignment using Word. Images like photographs, graphs and maps can be inserted into your document and formatted to achieve a professional effect.

Library newsletter - January 2009 [Reports]

The start of 2009 sees a range of service developments from Library Services.

Microfilm reader/printer user guide [IT Help]

Guide to the operations of the Microfilm Reader-Printer

Page Layout, Margins, Indents, Line Spacing, Bullets & Numbering [IT Help]

This guide aims to show you how to alter page layout, margins, indents, line spacing and bullets and numbering within Word 2007.

Page Numbering, Headers & Footers, Footnotes, Endnotes and Page Breaks in Word 2007 [IT Help]

Instructions to show you how to use Page Numbering in your dissertation or assignment using Word and also how to add Headers, Footers, Footnotes, Endnotes and Page Breaks

Using Excel 2007 Formulas [IT Help]

This help sheet explains how to use some of the most useful formulas with Excel 2007. Formulas are always preceded with the = sign.

Using the Student Blackboard System [IT Help]

Blackboard is a learning environment used by students at De Montfort University. By using Blackboard students can gain access to online course materials including time tables, reading lists, course information and messages from lecturers.

Using the Syndicate Rooms [IT Help]

The Syndicate rooms each contain a laptop computer linked to a large plasma screen, making these rooms ideal for group discussions concerning any projects where Internet access and Microsoft Office software are needed.

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