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Library and Learning Services

Services available in the Kimberlin Library during self service extended opening hours.

You can access the book, journal and media stock collections, as well as the IT areas.

Have use of:

  • Video/DVD playback equipment;
  • Self service Photocopy Machines;
  • Microfilm reader printer;
  • Change Machine and print loading station;
  • Open access IT facilities with the full range of software supported during normal working hours;
  • Printing and scanning facilities;
  • Self service issue and return of books;
  • Self collection of reservations.

Services that will be unavailable

Please note that library access during self service hours is strictly for card holding DMU staff and students only.

There are no staff assisted borrowing facilities available after 20:50 hours on weekdays and 18:50 on Sundays. Self service is available 24 hours, so you can still borrow books using your student ID and library PIN.

Neither the Information Desks nor the IT support desks will be staffed after 21:50 hours on weekdays and 19:50 on Sundays.

(Please note that the Building Attendant staff are there to provide a secure working environment, they will NOT be able to assist with any subject, IT or other equipment enquiries, other than to replenish paper in photocopiers and printers).

Equipment faults or other similar queries can be sent to us using this feedback form or logged in an incident book held in the Office by the entry turnstiles. All issues reported will be dealt with the following morning. Please see notes below.


Service availability

The library will endeavour to maintain these services during self service opening hours, but will be not able to guarantee that these services will always be available. You should plan your work accordingly.

The library will not accept any liability if any or all of these services are unavailable during these hours.

In particular maintenance activity (either by the library or the University network team) may affect the availability of some electronic services. Where these are known in advance, any downtimes will be notified.

It should be noted that Sunday evenings are designated as an "AT RISK" period. This means that regular maintenance work is carried out overnight, and this could mean that some services will be unavailable, particularly in the open access IT areas.

Building Attendant Security Staff

Building Attendants are there to assist in providing a safe working environment. They will be able to answer any general questions, but they will not be able to deal with any specific library or IT enquiries beyond assistance with replenishment of paper in photocopiers and printers.

Cleaning Staff

Daily cleaning of the building will take place between 06:00 and 08:30 on weekdays. Other deep cleaning activities take place during weekends and at other times. Library users are requested to co-operate with cleaning staff.