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Library and Learning Services

Entry to Kimberlin library.

Bar exceptions Kimberlin library is open 24 hours throughout the year to card holding DMU staff and students. Access for card holding external library members is available during set hours, outlined on receipt of your library card, and for members of the public during limited hours when our service desks are open. To confirm visitor / non-DMU hours of access please contact our JustAsk enquiry service or call 0116 257 7042.

In order to assist in ensuring a safe working environment all users in the library during these hours are required to carry a valid form of ID.

Entitlement to use the facility

The library will be available for use by current DMU students and staff, and others with a current valid DMU Library card. You must therefore have either a valid current DMU ID card, or another card issued by the DMU Library Service.

Without such a card there will be no admittance.


Security staff have the right to refuse access, to any individual; this includes anyone they believe is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

It will not be possible to enrol to use the library during these hours. All requests to join the library must be submitted during standard opening hours.

Extended hours are not available to any other users.


Security staff will be regularly patrolling the building, and staffing the access control system during these hours of opening.

CCTV surveillance will continue in operation during these hours.


The Library Regulations apply across all opening hours. In particular users are reminded of the policies relating to:

  • Food and drink - water only is permitted in the library
  • Smoking is forbidden in all areas
  • All mobile phones must be switched off or set to silent on entering the library
  • Study areas are designated as quiet or silent - users should adhere to the displayed guidelines

Security staff have the right to enforce these policies, including the right of ejection for non-compliance.


Health & Safety

Students should make themselves aware of the position of emergency exits and evacuation procedures in an emergency.

Disabled students

Students who feel that they may have any problems in the event of an emergency evacuation are requested to make themselves known to the security staff on entering the building.

24/7/365 study in the library – Stay safe

Kimberlin Library is now open 24 hours a day through term time and vacation. If you are spending a lot of time in the library here are some suggestions on how to help stay safe while studying here and when leaving the library late at night, or very early in the morning.