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Who was Mr Kimberlin?.

The Kimberlin Library is named after a Mr A.H.W. Kimberlin who, as Chairman of the Board of Governors, and in other roles, made a major contribution to the development of the colleges and polytechnic that later became De Montfort University.

Mr. A.H.W. Kimberlin, OBE, FCI, Chairman of the Governing Body, died on 30 March 1976. He had been associated with the Polytechnic and the Colleges from which it was formed since 1947. From 1947-1956, he had been a member of the then Colleges of Arts and Technology Sub-Committee, and since the designation of the Polytechnic on 1 April 1969 until 1971 he was Vice Chairman of the Governing Body. He was Chairman of the Governing Body of the Polytechnic from 1971-1976.

His initial wish to help the then Colleges of Art and Technology arose both from his business interests and as a City Councilor. He became founder Chairman of the Dress Advisory Committee of the Leicester College of Art and Crafts and was awarded the fellowship of the Clothing Institute for a thesis on 'Design in the clothing industry'.

He was appointed to the Order of the British Empire in the 1958 Birthday Honours List in recognition of his work for industry and education for management. He was instrumental in starting in Leicester some of the first management education schemes known in the UK and these led to the formation of what is now the University's School of Management.

His interests were wide but centred on the industrial and social health of the City. Among many offices he held were: President of the Leicester Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the District Advisory Committee of the Regional Board of Industry, President of the Leicester Trade Protection Society and manager and governor of many schools. He was elected an Alderman of the City in July 1961 and was the first catholic Lord Mayor of the City in 1964-65.