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Library and Learning Services

LLS Service Standards.

Library and Learning Services are committed to providing a high quality customer service. To help us achieve this, we have standards in key areas of service provision.

We have reviewed our service delivery against these standards for our 2016-17 performance.

Space and access

  • We will open Kimberlin and Law libraries, Eric Wood Learning Zone and Greenhouse for 100% of their advertised opening hours on our website.
  • We will ensure that the Library website including Library Search is available for 24 hours a day (excluding essential maintenance where advance notice will be provided).
  • We will ensure that problems with access to electronic books, journals and databases are investigated within 2 week days of being reported to us.


  • 90% of new acquisitions will be fulfilled in 20 working days.
  • We will ensure 90% of items returned from loan or used in-house are back on the shelf within 48 hours of return or use.
  • We will process all eligible inter-library loan requests within 3 week days of receipt.

Customer service

  • We will respond to 80% of email enquiries received via JustAsk within 1 hour during serviced hours and 100% within 24 hours (excluding university closed days).
  • We will respond to feedback received via printed or online feedback forms within ten days.
  • We will achieve an overall satisfaction score of at least 88% in the National Student Survey (NSS) for library provision.

Support for learning, teaching and research

  • We will offer the opportunity for curriculum embedded sessions on academic skills, information capability and Maths to all programmes, in addition to a programme of optional workshops for students. We will also offer information and digital capability sessions for academic staff. All sessions provided will be deemed good or excellent by 95% of sampled attendees.
  • We will provide all students with an appointment or drop-in opportunity with specialist support staff (librarians, Library Disability Team, CLaSS, Maths Learning Centre). Additionally, CELT and librarians will offer academic staff access to specialist support.
  • We will offer an e-induction to all DMU undergraduate, postgraduate taught and foundation students prior to starting their course.

We are committed to reviewing our service delivery against these standards and other performance indicators. Your feedback plays an important part in our performance measurement: if you have comments on these standards or our service performance, please let us know via our feedback page.