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Library and Learning Services

Mission, vision and values.

Our mission, vision, values and aspirations

Our mission

To provide effective support for learning, teaching and research, which is aligned with the academic and strategic direction of the University and responsive to shifts in pedagogic approach and technological developments. We do this by:

  • enabling access to resources
  • providing a variety of learning environments
  • supporting and developing learning

Our vision

The Directorate of Library and Learning Services fosters the spirit of enquiry and discovery of knowledge, providing a place for learning and research that is both personally and socially transformative. Our libraries and virtual environments enable learning interactions which connect the DMU community to resources, information, and archives, supported and enhanced by expert guidance in a climate of mutual respect.

Our values

  • A commitment to stimulate and enhance respectful and open learning conversations, within and beyond the Library and to place these at the core of our work.
  • A commitment to placing students and university colleagues at the heart of our service, providing them with the best possible service within the constraints of available resources.
  • Dedication to co-operation and team-work within a working culture based on understanding, courtesy, and inclusiveness.
  • Recognition of the needs of the individual as well as the overall distinctive academic learning community of DMU

Our aspirations

  • To engage fully with our users to ensure provision of high quality and customer focussed services which are inclusive while recognising the specific characteristics and needs of individuals or groups.
  • To meet the University Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy vision of providing 'Learning spaces and Library which are fit for purpose and conducive to learning in 21st century'.
  • To maintain high levels of satisfaction with our services, and our national position in this regard.
  • To be a recognised leader in the development of academic skills and digital literacies in our students and staff.
  • To be sector-leading in enhancing learning through the appropriate pedagogic application of technologies, including the development of digital resources.
  • To harness leading-edge technologies to enhance the delivery and accessibility of both commercially-procured and university-born content.
  • To provide access to the best possible resources, in a range of media, in support of the University’s learning, teaching, and research activities.
  • To develop key archival collections which support and contribute to the University’s vision for quality and distinctiveness in research and pedagogic practice.
  • To model best practice in respect of: HR; health, safety and well-being; and equality and diversity. We will ensure that our staff are continuously developed and supported to deliver a high quality library service and are equipped to face future challenges.
  • To ensure that our activities and ways of working reinforce the University’s Vision to make a significant contribution to global efforts to achieve environmental sustainability.