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Library and Learning Services

Green Impact.

The aim of the Green Impact project is to help and encourage everyone to adopt greener habits in the workplace.

Green Impact is run locally at DMU and managed by the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC).

How does the project work?

The way the project works is that there is a list of environmental activities to complete. Each activity is scored, and depending on the number of activities that are completed and the number of points scored, departments can gain Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards.

Library and Learning Services have been involved in the Green Impact project for four years; in 2010 Kimberlin gained the Bronze Award, in 2011 the Silver, and Gold in 2012! We are aiming to maintain the Gold standard in 2013. So here are some green habits we have put into action:

Energy Saving PCs

We have placed signs up on all PCs that have been temporarily switched off.

Green Impact Public Noticeboard

Promoting all aspects of green changes and highlighting food for thought.

Heat Check

Walk-round to check any areas being overheated. Here library staff walk round the library identifying areas that are overheated and reporting them. Users can help by informing library staff of areas that require attention.

Lighting and Equipment

Library staff are engaged in a number of initiatives to save energy in staff areas. Computers, printers and copiers are shut down and powered off at the end of the day or when away for more than 1 hour as appropriate. Computer monitors are switched off if away for more than 10 minutes. Fans, heaters and air conditioning units are switched off when not required or when away from a desk for more than 10 minutes. Units with temperature control should be set no higher than 25 degrees Celsius. Many of our lights are sensor-controlled and set to ‘auto’ so they go on and off dependent on room occupancy. Where this is not the case lights are turned off when the room is vacated, or not occupied for more than 10 minutes. Where applicable radiators have notices on to say they have been set to no higher than 21 degrees.


All designated student printers now have double sided printing capability. This is the default setting. This has reduced our paper usage by approximately 50% from the previous years.

Teaching Materials

Laminted reusable worksheets and handouts are used in a variety of Library teaching sessions. This reduces the amount of sheets produced impacting upon the amount of paper and ink used.